What We Do

Womanade at The Pinehills

How Womanade Helps:

Womanade provides short-term emergency financial assistance to families with children enrolled in Plymouth Public Schools (PPS).

All requests for assistance must be forwarded to Womanade through the PPS liaison. Requests not forwarded through the liaison will not be accepted for consideration.

The PPS liaison forwards requests initiated by a school representative to the Womanade Outreach Committee, comprised of three Board members. Requests are initiated by school representatives including faculty members, nurses, psychologists, guidance and behavioral counselors, and school principals.

The request form includes the following information: number of children in the family, schools attended by the children, employment status of parent(s) or guardian(s) living in the home, detailed description and nature of the emergency, information regarding previous requests made by the family, pertinent information needed to process a check by the Womanade treasurer, and name of school representative. In order to protect the family’s privacy, their identity is kept anonymous. If additional information is needed to obtain a clearer picture of the emergency, Outreach contacts the school representative who initiated the request. Response time to a request is within 24-48 hours providing Outreach has received all the requested information to move forward with a decision.

The following are examples of ways Womanade has assisted the Plymouth Public Schools Community :

  • Paid rent for families who were at risk of being evicted from their home

  • Given relief to families with such basic necessities as clothing, groceries, heat, and electricity

  • Made arrangements to pay outstanding bills for families in crisis

  • Provided funding for bedroom furniture, bedroom accessories, and clothing for a family who lost their belongings in a house fire

  • Helped stabilize families who have escaped Domestic Violence situations, enabling them to get back on their feet

  • Assisted homeless families, who were sleeping on floors of friends and relatives, with funds to supplement their everyday needs until permanent housing was secured

  • Secured funds for a homeless family of five until their new housing was available

Womanade at The Pinehills 

Providing financial assistance for families in the
Plymouth Public Schools