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Womanade at The Pinehills 

The concept behind Womanade at The Pinehills was started by a group of women in the Washington D.C. area. They would get together for pot luck dinners and then take the money that they would have spent going out to eat and put it into a group fund. The money raised was then used to help people within their community. Word of this program spread through newspaper and magazine articles. Soon women in other parts of the country began replicating the Womenade (as it was called by the Washington group) concept in their own towns. Hingham, MA was one such town. Their group was written up in the Boston Globe in 2006, by columnist Bella English.

Pinehills resident Cheryl O’Grady read the article in the Boston Globe and thought that a similar group here would provide not only community for like-minded women, but would also provide a connection and helping hand to the wider Plymouth community. Twenty women attended the first organizational meeting in April of 2006. *

By March of 2007, Womanade at The Pinehills had become a registered non-profit organization. It was decided that the focus of The Pinehills group would be to provide financial assistance to families with children in the Plymouth Public School System. By working closely with a liaison in the schools, we are connected with families who are experiencing short-term emergency financial issues. To protect the privacy of the families we help, we make every effort to provide assistance without knowing the family name.

Womanade at The Pinehills is open to all female residents of The Pinehills. Membership consists of signing up to receive our emails (see Contact page), attending our bi-monthly meetings, and providing financial support for our mission. The work of the group is carried out by a Board of Directors consisting of no more than 20 women.

*Information taken from Old Colony Memorial article written by David R. Smith, April 19, 2006.

Womanade at The Pinehills 

Providing financial assistance for families in the
Plymouth Public Schools